including the variants Harlowe, Harlo & Harloe


General Register Office: Index of Harlow, Harlowe, Harlo & Harloe surname marriage registrations in England & Wales 1980-1989
IndexQYearGiven NamesSurnameDistrictCountyVolPageSpouse's Given NamesSpouse's SurnameDateChurchParishPlaceCounty [1]CountryGroom's Father's Given NamesGroom's Father's SurnameBride's Father's Given NamesBride's Father's SurnameGroom's AgeBride's AgeGRO SourceIGI SourceNotes
4405Q11980HarlowEntries for Q1 1980 are missing
4406Q21980HarlowEntries for Q2 1980 are missing
4407Q31980HarlowEntries for Q3 1980 are missing
4408Q41980HarlowEntries for Q4 1980 are missing
4409Q11981HarlowEntries for Q1 1981 are missing
4410Q21981HarlowEntries for Q2 1981 are missing
4411Q31981HarlowEntries for Q3 1981 are missing
4412Q41981HarlowEntries for Q4 1981 are missing
4413Q11982HarlowEntries for Q1 1982 are missing
4414Q21982HarlowEntries for Q2 1982 are missing
4415Q31982HarlowEntries for Q3 1982 are missing
4416Q41982HarlowEntries for Q4 1982 are missing
4417Q11983HarlowEntries for Q1 1983 are missing
4418Q21983HarlowEntries for Q2 1983 are missing
4419Q31983HarlowEntries for Q3 1983 are missing
4420Q41983HarlowEntries for Q4 1983 are missing
4421Q11984HarlowEntries for Q1 1984 are missing
4422Q21984HarlowEntries for Q2 1984 are missing
4423Q31984HarlowEntries for Q3 1984 are missing
4424Q41984HarlowEntries for Q4 1984 are missing
4425Q11985HarlowEntries for Q1 1985 are missing
4426Q21985HarlowEntries for Q2 1985 are missing
4427Q31985HarlowEntries for Q3 1985 are missing
4428Q41985HarlowEntries for Q4 1985 are missing
4429Q11986HarlowEntries for Q1 1986 are missing
4430Q21986HarlowEntries for Q2 1986 are missing
4431Q31986HarlowEntries for Q3 1986 are missing
4432Q41986HarlowEntries for Q4 1986 are missing
4433Q11987HarlowEntries for Q1 1987 are missing
4434Q21987HarlowEntries for Q2 1987 are missing
4435Q31987HarlowEntries for Q3 1987 are missing
4436Q41987HarlowEntries for Q4 1987 are missing
4437Q11988HarlowEntries for Q1 1988 are missing
4438Q21988HarlowEntries for Q2 1988 are missing
4439Q31988HarlowEntries for Q3 1988 are missing
4440Q41988HarlowEntries for Q4 1988 are missing
4441Q11989HarlowEntries for Q1 1989 are missing
4442Q21989HarlowEntries for Q2 1989 are missing
4443Q31989HarlowEntries for Q3 1989 are missing
4444Q41989HarlowEntries for Q4 1989 are missing