including the variants Harlowe, Harlo & Harloe


General Register Office: Index of Harlow, Harlowe, Harlo & Harloe surname marriage registrations in England & Wales 2000-2009
IndexQYearGiven NamesSurnameDistrictCountyVolPageSpouse's Given NamesSpouse's SurnameDateChurchParishPlaceCounty [1]CountryGroom's Father's Given NamesGroom's Father's SurnameBride's Father's Given NamesBride's Father's SurnameGroom's AgeBride's AgeGRO SourceIGI SourceNotes
4485Q12000HarlowEntries for Q1 2000 are missing
4486Q22000HarlowEntries for Q2 2000 are missing
4487Q32000HarlowEntries for Q3 2000 are missing
4488Q42000HarlowEntries for Q4 2000 are missing
4489Q12001HarlowEntries for Q1 2001 are missing
4490Q22001HarlowEntries for Q2 2001 are missing
4491Q32001HarlowEntries for Q3 2001 are missing
4492Q42001HarlowEntries for Q4 2001 are missing
4493Q12002HarlowEntries for Q1 2002 are missing
4494Q22002HarlowEntries for Q2 2002 are missing
4495Q32002HarlowEntries for Q3 2002 are missing
4496Q42002HarlowEntries for Q4 2002 are missing
4497Q12003HarlowEntries for Q1 2003 are missing
4498Q22003HarlowEntries for Q2 2003 are missing
4499Q32003HarlowEntries for Q3 2003 are missing
4500Q42003HarlowEntries for Q4 2003 are missing
4501Q12004HarlowEntries for Q1 2004 are missing
4502Q22004HarlowEntries for Q2 2004 are missing
4503Q32004HarlowEntries for Q3 2004 are missing
4504Q42004HarlowEntries for Q4 2004 are missing
4505Q12005HarlowEntries for Q1 2005 are missing
4506Q22005HarlowEntries for Q2 2005 are missing
4507Q32005HarlowEntries for Q3 2005 are missing
4508Q42005HarlowEntries for Q4 2005 are missing
4509Q12006HarlowEntries for Q1 2006 are missing
4510Q22006HarlowEntries for Q2 2006 are missing
4511Q32006HarlowEntries for Q3 2006 are missing
4512Q42006HarlowEntries for Q4 2006 are missing
4513Q12007HarlowEntries for Q1 2007 are missing
4514Q22007HarlowEntries for Q2 2007 are missing
4515Q32007HarlowEntries for Q3 2007 are missing
4516Q42007HarlowEntries for Q4 2007 are missing
4517Q12008HarlowEntries for Q1 2008 are missing
4518Q22008HarlowEntries for Q2 2008 are missing
4519Q32008HarlowEntries for Q3 2008 are missing
4520Q42008HarlowEntries for Q4 2008 are missing
4521Q12009HarlowEntries for Q1 2009 are missing
4522Q22009HarlowEntries for Q2 2009 are missing
4523Q32009HarlowEntries for Q3 2009 are missing
4524Q42009HarlowEntries for Q4 2000 are missing