including the variants Harlowe, Harlo & Harloe


General Register Office: Index of Harlow, Harlowe, Harlo & Harloe surname marriage registrations in England & Wales 2010-2019
IndexQYearGiven NamesSurnameDistrictCountyVolPageSpouse's Given NamesSpouse's SurnameDateChurchParishPlaceCounty [1]CountryGroom's Father's Given NamesGroom's Father's SurnameBride's Father's Given NamesBride's Father's SurnameGroom's AgeBride's AgeGRO SourceIGI SourceNotes
4525Q12010HarlowEntries for Q1 2010 are missing
4526Q22010HarlowEntries for Q2 2010 are missing
4527Q32010HarlowEntries for Q3 2010 are missing
4528Q42010HarlowEntries for Q4 2010 are missing
4529Q12011HarlowEntries for Q1 2011 are missing
4530Q22011HarlowEntries for Q2 2011 are missing
4531Q32011HarlowEntries for Q3 2011 are missing
4532Q42011HarlowEntries for Q4 2011 are missing
4533Q12012HarlowEntries for Q1 2012 are missing
4534Q22012HarlowEntries for Q2 2012 are missing
4535Q32012HarlowEntries for Q3 2012 are missing
4536Q42012HarlowEntries for Q4 2012 are missing
4537Q12013HarlowEntries for Q1 2013 are missing
4538Q22013HarlowEntries for Q2 2013 are missing
4539Q32013HarlowEntries for Q3 2013 are missing
4540Q42013HarlowEntries for Q4 2013 are missing
4541Q12014HarlowEntries for Q1 2014 are missing
4542Q22014HarlowEntries for Q2 2014 are missing
4543Q32014HarlowEntries for Q3 2014 are missing
4544Q42014HarlowEntries for Q4 2014 are missing
4545Q12015HarlowEntries for Q1 2015 are missing
4546Q22015HarlowEntries for Q2 2015 are missing
4547Q32015HarlowEntries for Q3 2015 are missing
4548Q42015HarlowEntries for Q4 2015 are missing
4549Q12016HarlowEntries for Q1 2016 are missing
4550Q22016HarlowEntries for Q2 2016 are missing
4551Q32016HarlowEntries for Q3 2016 are missing
4552Q42016HarlowEntries for Q4 2016 are missing
4553Q12017HarlowEntries for Q1 2017 are missing
4554Q22017HarlowEntries for Q2 2017 are missing
4555Q32017HarlowEntries for Q3 2017 are missing
4556Q42017HarlowEntries for Q4 2017 are missing
4557Q12018HarlowEntries for Q1 2018 are missing
4558Q22018HarlowEntries for Q2 2018 are missing
4559Q32018HarlowEntries for Q3 2018 are missing
4560Q42018HarlowEntries for Q4 2018 are missing
4561Q12019HarlowEntries for Q1 2019 are missing
4562Q22019HarlowEntries for Q2 2019 are missing
4563Q32019HarlowEntries for Q3 2019 are missing
4564Q42019HarlowEntries for Q4 2019 are missing